5 foods that curb sugar cravings

Curb Cravings

 Low Carbohydrates – Sugar-Free – Easy to Prepare –  Squash Cravings – Delicious!

1. 2 Boiled Eggs sprinkled with sea salt.

2. Small can of Fatty Fish Tuna/Salmon mixed with mayo on celery sticks.

3. ½ cup of raw Nuts – Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans

4. 1 serving of cooked Meat  (chicken, turkey, etc) topped with melted cheese.

5. 1 medium-sized Avocado

Sometimes the most difficult part of eating healthy is controlling the cravings. This is a short list of easy go-to food combos that will help satisfy you for hours.  Please share what works for you in the comments.