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5 Great Outdoor Activities for Fall & Winter





The seasons are changing, it is getting colder and the nights are longer. If you enjoy being outdoors while enjoying the company of friends and family there are lots of activities available to you.




Here are a few of my favorites:



Flag Football

1. Even if you aren’t on the field it is a lot of fun seeing adults act like children. For those that have strong competitive natures this is probably their game of the year. Also, the only special equipment are the flags and the football. It is fun to get in the game and sometimes just be the antagonistic sideline coach.




2. Yes! Football season means packing up the grill,  snacks, drinks, and lots of team paraphernalia in order to show your support for your home team. It is also a great time to spend with friends and family and play catch up. Life’s daily routine can sometimes distance you from old classmates and other acquaintances. But, when it is time to show up for the home games most of us go all out for the fun of it AND if your team wins…that’s a party!



3. If you love being out in nature, camping is a great adventure no matter what time of year you do it. However, in the colder months preparation is key. Depending on your expertise, purchasing a few creature comforts can make camping a lot more enjoyable. There are inflatable beds to sleep on, wood burning fire pits to keep you warm and tents that can house 5 people or more. The part you learn to appreciate is the peace and quiet of being miles away from all the city noise and electronic devices.

Not a camper?





Rent a cabin in the woods.

4. A remote cabin is a perfect getaway that can allow for rest and rejuvenation. If its big enough, take along a few friends. This type of adventure can include hunting, hiking or snow boarding. And if its just you and yours, take along that top selling book you have been dying to crack open.



Holiday Parties

5. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are four great reasons to get outside and enjoy the weather. If your home has an outdoor living space that includes a kitchen it is very natural to entertain. Three or four wood burning fire pits strategically placed can keep your guests warm while enjoying the night and using the gas grill to cook some meats and veggies. So, by all means have a small get together with those you love while passing out tricks & treats, after the formal Thanksgiving dinner, before the neighborhood Christmas caroling and while watching the New Years Eve fireworks. Life is short create your traditions and enjoy!



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