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 The Keto Lifestyle is primarily based on eating a low carbohydrate combination of foods, consuming healthy fats, proteins and leafy greens. Zero sugar would be ideal but extremely difficult, thankfully this lifestyle is somewhat forgiving. The ketogenic diet moves your body into what is called ketosis where it utilizes ketones for energy. Like most things in life ‘moderation’ is key and you do not want start eating every meat and cheese you can get your hands on as some advertisements suggest. Stick with consuming various low carb foods in moderation and you should see results within the first week!


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After about a week I noticed positive changes that made me feel better both physically and mentally. It’s a lot easier knowing what to avoid than to worry about how much to eat,  count calories and then how much to exercise. When starting out just check the label for sugar content and if it is more than a gram, leave it. The one thing I want to share that isn’t typical of most Keto Cookbooks is that you really should pile on the leafy greens. Vegetables have huge nutritional benefits and there is no downside to adding more to your meals. If all other diets have failed you then you may want to give the Ketogenic Diet a try.


Here are 5 things that are truly impressive about about the Keto Diet.

Lose Fat


1. You Lose Fat by consuming Healthy Fats, somewhat amazing right? Healthy fats are considered your olive oils, flax-seed oils, butter (whole fat butter from grass-fed cows) and  fat from organic meats. When you switch to consuming small amounts of carbohydrates your body turns to ketones and the fat begins melting away.  That’s slightly over simplified however, as long as you stick to the program at some point your body will move into ketosis and the goal is to simply stay there and continue to burn fat.



Feel More Energized


2. You Feel more Energized when you aren’t consuming foods that are harmful to your body. Large amounts of simple carbs like french fries, candy bars, and other highly processed foods including potato chips,  pastas, bagels cookies etc. They are almost like sludge in your system. In excessive amounts they can slow you down, cause brain fog and weight gain.



Minimal Cravings

man sitting in window 3. Consuming healthy proteins, healthy fats, mega vegetables and complex carbohydrates significantly reduces your cravings. Your body gets more nutrients and becomes more balanced. The Ketogenic Diet  is said to improve insulin resistance which may cause the cravings. Proteins and healthy fats allow you to feel full without craving more simple carbs when you aren’t really hungry. Without the cravings it is so much easier to notice when your body signals you that you have had enough. You will naturally eat less and likely experience weight loss.



Delicious Food Choices

Ketogenic Diet Pizza Supreme 4. The Ketogenic Diet allows for a lot of very Tasty Foods.  Some of the best meals include variations of these: real cheeses, bacon, whole butter and creams, organic meats, fresh vegetables and nuts. When you first start out you might think you’re giving up all of your comfort foods and it will take time to learn that isn’t true. For almost every processed food there is a healthier low carbohydrate version out there somewhere.

Looking for delicious desserts? There are many low carb desserts, cupcakes, cookies, etc.  Replace high sugar fruits with healthy fats like avocados or nuts. In the beginning, try focusing on moderation and paying attention to your body. You can have sugarless coffee, tea, flavored water, and some broths in between meals and remain in ketosis.



Exercise is recommended

5. Exercise is always recommended no matter what your goals are because exercise is its own medicine (article on exercise) however, with the ketogenic diet exercise is not required in order to get results. When it comes to lifestyle changes  it can be overwhelming to change too many things at once. However, when you start keto you should focus only on what you are consuming. So, if you already exercise then keep it up and if you are not exercising then reconsider after you have the food part under control.

It Works!

After two or three weeks of sticking to keto – friendly foods you can make additional adjustments and add exercise and maybe intermittent fasting into your routine. 

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