Benefits of Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

Extra Virgin Cod Liver OilIl

Extra Virgin COD LIVER OIL

… can be beneficial to most healthy individuals. It is fish oil extracted from the liver of the cod. It includes significant amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Omega-3s, and other nutrients.  Cod Liver Oil is usually sold as a liquid or in capsule form and can be used to supplement your diet to increase overall health.  The extra-virgin oil is unprocessed and has increased purity.


If you are looking for another superfood to fix what ails you well, cod liver oil is one of the old-school treatments that some still consider reliable.  The University of Health and News points out how common it was for families to drink a dose daily.    Holly Klamer, an RD (registered dietician) wrote of 4 evidence-based benefits:

(1) reduced inflammation.

(2)Lowering blood Triglycerides.

(3)Helped reduce protein in the urine which can help with improved kidney function.

(4)Lastly, a slight reduction in blood pressure.

Also, Linda A. Linday MD points out that cod liver oil was commonly used to treat rickets in children.

Overall, it seems the most noted benefits have to do with the primary nutrients: Omega 3 fatty acids which can reduce the risks for various chronic conditions, Vitamin D which has multiple health benefits, and Vitamin A which is beneficial for vision.  It is not approved by the FDA and I found it challenging to get hard evidence showing any benefits beyond those of taking Vitamin A, Vitamin D, or Omega-3 supplements individually.

As with any supplement, your current state of health will have a lot to do with whether you will benefit from its use. Other key factors are the quality of the supplement and the dosage.  Cod Liver Oil seems to be a fairly safe supplement if you are deficient in Omega 3s, Vitamin D, or Vitamin A, and always check with your personal medical provider first.


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