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High Sugar Fruits!


  A MUST-HAVE list of High Sugar Fruits     Nutritional Benefits: If you are one of the millions trying to reduce your waistline or just maintain your overall health then keep reading. Like most produce, fruits are not generally bad for you when consumed in moderation.  Most fruits provide a hefty amount of needed ….  Read More

10 Things likely to happen when you stop eating sugar and carbs

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10 Things likely to happen when you stop eating sugar and carbs! A humorous way of sharing…what’s in it for you? Weight Loss – Yes! Sweeteners have a tendency to encourage your body to hold on to fat. So, if you minimize sugar the reverse should happen. Acne be gone. – Highly processed foods give ….  Read More

5 foods that help curb sugar cravings

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5 foods that help curb sugar cravings: Low Carbohydrates – Sugar-Free – Easy to Prepare    Squash Cravings – Delicious! 2 Boiled Eggs sprinkled with sea salt. Small can of Fatty Fish Tuna/Salmon mixed with mayo on celery sticks. ½ cup of raw Nuts – Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans 1 serving of cooked Meat  (chicken, turkey, etc) topped ….  Read More