How To Lose Weight Fast


There is always something happening where you just want to look your best and may need to lose weight fast. For me, special occasions are one of my primary reasons to lose a few extra pounds. Going to a class reunion, a wedding, a hot date, vacation, or one of the many other social functions that make you look in the mirror with an extra critical eye. Whatever your weight loss motivations there are some things you can try to take off the extra pounds safely which is at most 3 to 5 pounds per week.

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I must say, that we should all do our best to maintain a healthy weight all year round. But, with this current crazy environment that encourages a stay-at-home lifestyle, we can all use some reminders of tips and tricks that may help.

Any of these 5 simple tweaks can help you lose a few pounds:

1. Eat Less to lose weight fast!

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Just eat half of what you would normally consume. If you do not like throwing food away then save some for later. The half that you didn’t eat will reduce your calorie count for today. If you were about to eat something with no nutritional value then take a bite and discard the rest. Enjoy that taste you were craving and find something else to do.

2. Exercise more to lose weight fast!

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Get moving. Walk in place while watching your favorite sitcom. Take a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood or local park. Take every opportunity to stretch, lift some weight, and just move your body around. The internet is filled with 30-minute workouts so find one that works for you. It can be fun. Short of joining a gym, you can also do things like take the stairs when available and park further away in order to add some steps when you do go out. If you do join a gym have a trainer get you started on a routine that ensures you will get your desired results.

3. Lower carb food & drink to lose weight fast!

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Decrease the number of sugary and simple carbs you consume. Stop eating unhealthy fast foods like potato chips, candy bars, and regular sodas. Stop eating heavily processed foods that contain ingredients you can’t pronounce. Consume more vegetables (eat the rainbow), Medical News Today suggests that 75% of your daily food should be vegetables or plant based. To add flavor choose healthy fats and add your preferred seasonings. Consume healthy proteins in portions about the size of your closed fist. If you need a snack try nuts, a small serving of fruit, or drink lemon water then eat the lemon. The Keto Lifestyle is really popular and the Mediterranean diet has received rave reviews this year. They both encourage large amounts of vegetables and many other nutritionally rich foods. They both provide amazing results and prove beneficial to long term health when followed correctly.

4. Avoid Alcohol to lose weight fast!

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According to the warning label, alcohol is bad for your health. However, unless you drink too much and/or too frequently alcohol doesn’t have a huge impact on your weight. But if you are trying to take off a few extra pounds then you may want to avoid the extra empty calories. Redirect your focus to some hobby or new habit that is constructive. Also, there is a long list of coffees and teas that taste great without the added calories from sugar and creamers. And, they come in both decaffeinated and regular.

5. Focus on your Goals to lose weight fast!

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It can help to focus on things that have nothing to do with eating. Try putting more focus on what you want to achieve in life. Read every article or watch videos to learn even more about it. The more time and energy you spend on doing something besides eating the less you consume and that tends to lead to weight loss. When you set goals for yourself break them down into achievable parts and give yourself healthy rewards when you reach each milestone. The Mayo Clinic documents this SMART method of setting goals. Be sure to place your goals somewhere you can see them everyday and good luck!

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight you should work with a licensed physician to work through any challenges. There are medical conditions (such as diabetes/pre-diabetes) that can make weight loss more difficult than it is for the average person.


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